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Trump Sticks To His Script -- Manufacturing Will Be A Top Priority

Hillary Lost The Election Because Bill Clinton, Tim Kaine And Barack Obama Are All Free Traders

Chinese Manufacturers Have Quickly Become The World's Largest Market For Industrial Robots

Reshoring Initiative Creates Tool To Measure Social And Environmental Benefits of Reshoring

Digital Technology Is Not Driving Growth In U.S. Manufacturing Productivity And The Experts Don't Know Why

NAM CEO Jay Timmons Likes Hillary's Vice President Pick

Counterfeit Industries Are HUGE And Are Growing Fast, According to Data From The OECD

Congressional Budget Office Warns Of Impending Economic Peril Caused by U.S. Debt Imbalance

Semiconductor Industry: It's The Internet Of Everything That's Important

Rep. Ryan Says TPP Won't Get A Hearing; He Faces An Anti-Free-Trade Challenger In His Wisconsin Primary

America Makes Awards 3D Printing R&D Projects

U.S. Auto Companies In China Are Not Feeling So Fine About Their Prospects There

New Chicago Digital Manufacturing Research Institute Seeks R&D Contractors

Prepare Thyself For National Manufacturing Day, 2016

John Bassett Of Vaughan-Bassett Furniture Extols The Virtues of 'Making It In America'

John Bassett's 12-Point Plan For Growing And Keeping Jobs In The United States

Science Committee Changes Financing Requirements For MEP; Investigates Hillary's Use Of A Private E-Mail Server

White House Promotes Renewable Energy Storage And Grid Modernization

China Is Still Number One In Foreign Direct Investment

Alcoa Pursues The 3D Metal Printing Market

Quote Of Note

"This $451 billion global business of counterfeiting produces knockoffs that endanger lives and includes products like auto parts, faulty medical devices that don't work at critical moments, toys that harm children and pharmaceuticals that make people sick."

-- Doug Frantz, Deputy Secretary General, OECD

Web Site To Check Out

The Congressional Budget Office warns of economic peril if federal lawmakers don't get the budget under control:


Free Stories from Recent Back Issues

By The Numbers: The U.S. Has 12 Million Manufacturing Workers; China Has Ten Times That Number -- 114 Million
(June 30, 2016)

DOD, NSA Enter A New World Order: U.S. Is Now Dependent On Foreign Companies For Its Most Sensitive Electronics
(May 31, 2016)

U.S. Steel Industry Pleads With Uncle Sam To Stand Up For America Before The Industry Is Destroyed By China
(April 30, 2016)

Obama Trade Official Says Trans Pacific Partnership Should Be Sold To A Skeptical Electorate
(March 30, 2016)

The Rise Of The American 'Precariat': Globalization And Outsourcing Have Created A Combustible Political Culture
(February 22, 2016)

A Trend That Never Left The Station
Offshore Outsourcing Far Outpaces Reshoring:
Only 60 Cases In 2015 Of Companies Returning Production Back To The United States

(January 21, 2016)

Manufacture New York Hopes To Help Revive Once Thriving U.S. Apparel Industry
(December 21, 2015)

Steel Industry Issues Stern Warning Over China's Desire To Be A 'Market' Economy
(November 24, 2015)

In The Synthetic Fiber Industry, China Fulfills Its 2010 Goals Of World Domination, And Sets New Ones For 2020
(October 23, 2015)

Donald Trump: His Appeal Might Not Be What Most People Think It Is
(September 22, 2015)

Stock Buybacks Are Tied To Growing Income Inequality And Low Rates Of Innovation
August 27, 2015)

Steelworkers Union Wins Tire Case As Chinese Tires Flood U.S. Market
(July 30, 2015)

U.S. Military's Rapid Reduction In R&D Is Causing A High Level Of Concern
(June 29, 2015)

U.S. Military Enters A New Era Defined By Globalization Of Its Technology Supply Chain
(May 20, 2015)

Imports Are Surging From China Because China Is Breaking The International Rules Of Trade; Unexplainably, The U.S. Government Does Nothing
(April 28, 2015)

Steel Industry CEOs Warn Of A Possible Sectoral Collapse Due To Surging Imports
(March 31, 2015)

Be Thankful You Live In America; China Has Made A Mess Of Itself
(March 13, 2015)

Obama's 2016 Budget Request For National Network For Manufacturing Innovation (NNMI) Reaches Beyond $600 Million
(February 19, 2015)

Having Milked American Companies Of IP And Marketing, 'The Chinese Don't Want You Any More' -- By Michael Wessel and Dan Slane
(February 19, 2015)

Fast Track Wasn't Needed During Reagan's Successful Uruguay Round, And Is Not Needed Now, By Charles Blum, Former Assistant U.S. Trade Representative From 1985 - 1988
(February 19, 2015)

Agriculture Is The Engine Driving Passage Of A New Trade Deal
(January 30, 2015)

A.T. Kearney: Economic Data Does Not Support The Manufacturing Reshoring Story; Offshore Outsourcing Is Still Outpacing Reshoring
(January 10, 2015)

President Obama, Wall Street Financiers, Corporate CEOs And Members Of Congress Meet Together To Plan Strategy To Sell And Pass Free-Trade Agreements
(December 19, 2014)

U.S.-China Commission Describes The Multiple Tactics Of A Rogue Nation Whose Policies Have Destroyed The U.S. Economy, And The U.S. Federal Government's Failed Response
(November 24, 2014)

A Titan Of U.S. Manufacturing: Gilroy Titan Creates TV's First CNC Machine Shop Show
(October 31, 2014)

'Factory Man': The Book, The Author, The Man And All The Rest -- The Millions Of Forgotten People
(October 10, 2014)

At The International Manufacturing Technology Show In Chicago, Here Is What Hundreds Of Manufacturing Men Had To Say
(September 19, 2014)

Walmart Finds That 'Made In USA' Has A Strong Appeal Among Consumers; Encourages Manufacturers To Highlight On Their Packaging Products That Are Made In America
(August 25, 2014)

Walmart Is Giving Priority To U.S. Manufacturers Who Hire American Workers; CEO Bill Simon Says Reviving Industry Is Essential For Walmart's Success
(July 31, 2014)

Reshoring Of Production and Engineering Is Not Yet Much Of A Trend In U.S. Electronics Sector
(July 15, 2014)

China Does Not Provide WTO With Trade Compliance Information
(June 30, 2014)

Trade Adjustment Assistance For Workers Program Is Enervated; Its Future In Doubt
(June 19, 2014)

Senators Tell USTR That Asia Trade Pact Is In Jeopardy Without Currency Provisions
(May 25, 2014)

GE Embraces Crowd Sourcing For Improving Appliance Products And Manufacturing Processes
(May 2, 2014)

Senate Committee Shrinks Budget for Proposed National Manufacturing Innovation Network In Half And The Number of Hubs By Two-Thirds
(April 18, 2014)

Defense Science Board: Offshoring Of U.S. Manufacturing Has Created National Security Vulnerabilities
(March 28, 2014)

USTR Says Korea Trade Deal Is A Boom; Critics Say It Is A Bust
(March 15, 2014)

The Great Disconnect: Americans Want Washington To Deal With Manufacturing, But Washington Is Not Responding
(February 28, 2014)

Korea Passes 'U-Turn' Law With Generous Incentives For Companies To Bring Manufacturing From China Back To Korea
(January 31, 2014)

Top Government Officials Discover There Is Little Left Of America's Telecom Equipment Manufacturing Industry; United States Has To Create A New Industry From Scratch
(January 14, 2014)

New DOD Pilot Program Is Aimed At Commercial Production Of Defense Laboratory Technologies
(December 17, 2013)

Cheap Natural Gas Is Driving Heavy Investment In Heavy Industry
(November 17, 2013)

The Country Will No Longer Know About Mass Layoffs
(October 22, 2013)

MIT: With Loss Of Manufacturing The U.S. Innovation Engine Is No Longer Working
(September 25, 2013)

U.S. Output Growth Is 50 Percent Lower Than Reported:
U.S. Economic Statistical System Has Not Measured
The Real Costs Of Outsourcing And Import Substitution

(September 12, 2013)

Globalization Forces Major Change In Business Classification System: One Result Will Be That Imports From Manufacturers That Have Outsourced Production Offshore Will No Longer Be Considered Imports
(August 20, 2013)

America's Biggest Companies Continue To Move Factories Offshore And Eliminate Thousands of American Jobs
(July 31, 2013)

New ISO Product Safety Standard Will Impact Every Global Manufacturing Company; Retailers, OEMs And Governments Will Be Able To Trace A Flaw Directly Back To Its Source
(July 7, 2013)

It Will Be A Long Time Before Chinese Manufacturing Wages Catch Up With American's: China's Hourly Manufacturing Worker Compensation Cost: $1.74
(June 17, 2013)

Photonics Industry Looks To Federal Government To Get Back Into The Game -- Introducing the National Photonics Initiative
(May 31, 2013)

Without A Strong Manufacturing Sector, The U.S. Struggles To Break Out Of Recession
(May 8, 2013)

MIT Drills Into The Manufacturing Skills Shortage And Finds That It Doesn't Really Exist
(April 19, 2013)

Aspen Institute / MAPI Study Describes Why Manufacturing Is Essential For A Strong U.S. Economic Recovery
(March 28, 2013)

MIT: America's Manufacturing Sector Has Lost The Ability To Turn Innovation Into Commercial Production
(March 6, 2013)

For A Pro-Domestic Manufacturing Policy Agenda In Congress, This Might Be The Year
(February 6, 2013)

U.S. Manufacturing Wages Are Stuck In Neutral And Are Not Nearly As Generous As Those In Other Industrialized Countries
(January 15, 2013)

Federal Supply Chain Survey Finds That Any Cut In Space Budgets Could Put A Lot Companies Out Of Business
(December 18, 2012)

Industry, Academia and Research Organizations Wholeheartedly Endorse National Network For Manufacturing Innovation (NNMI)
(November 18, 2012)

A Strategic Global Manufacturing Technology Vision Is Central To Germany's Economic Development And Export Plan
(October 31, 2012)

Europe's New Industrial Policy Targets Manufacturing To Spur Economic Turnaround
(October 12, 2012)

Global Semiconductor Industry Has No Plans To Build Factories In The United States
Of the 42 new fabrication plants planned to start construction in the world between 2011 and 2013, only one is in the United States. (September 28, 2012)

U.S. Trade Deficit Continues To Surge, Costing The Country Hundreds Of Thousands Of Jobs
China's trade surplus will soon reach $1 trillion. (September 4, 2012)

Sequestration Exposes U.S. Dependence On Defense Manufacturing
(August 24, 2012)

Critical And Strategic Materials Industry Has A New Voice In Washington, D.C. Aimed At Countering Multinational Company Bias Against U.S. Producers
(July 24, 2012)

On Russia Free Trade Issue, Big Business Interests Run Against Domestic Manufacturers
(July 6, 2012)

Boeing's Planes Are Riddled With Chinese Counterfeit Electronic Components
(June 15, 2012)

NIST Director Defends $1-Billion Manufacturing Program, But Doesn't Know Where The Money Will Come From
(May 31, 2012)

Everything Is 'Made In The World': WTO Is One Step Closer To Eliminating Country-Of-Origin Labels
(May 14, 2012)

Government Is Pushing Full Speed Ahead On Additive Manufacturing
A contractor for a new $45-million pilot center will be selected by late summer. (April 30, 2012)

Lessons Learned From A Trade Case -- SolarWorld CEO Warns Others To Pay Heed: Your Industry Could Be The Next To Go
(April 15, 2012)

Is Momentum Building For Adopting A New Manufacturing Policy Agenda, Or Is The Interest Due Only To The Upcoming Election?
(March 30, 2012)

Country-Of-Origin Labels Could Change Consumer Behavior And Revive U.S. Manufacturing
(March 15, 2012)

Obama Will Unveil $1-Billion National Manufacturing Innovation Network Initiative Based Upon Germany's Fraunhofer Institute
(February 28, 2012)

China Puts U.S. Auto Industry At Risk: Steel And Auto Unions Tell Uncle Sam To Initiate A Comprehensive Trade Case
(February 8, 2012)

Bye-Bye Baldrige: U.S. Decides Quality Is Not Worth $9 Million
(January 30, 2012)










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